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Most of you know how it;s done but idiots like me dont know howit;s done
This thread is for ppls like me i am sure there is always new me lol always and forever

How to calculate turnover
? Example

you buy HdfcBank Futures for 1450 and sell for 1400
Price __ Lot size qty____ Amount _____Margin u pay to broker
1450 x 550 (lot size) = 797500 ____ Rs. 1,65,960

So what will be your turn over for buy and sell order for this one ?
1 Lot HDFC bank bought @ 1450 = amount turn over 797500 and u paid margin 165960
1 lot of Hdfc bank u sold 1400 = amount turn over 770500 (1400x550)

So total turn over buy+sell ? = 797500+770500 = 1567500

So is your tax turn over 1567500 ? NOPE

How to calculate income tax turn over ?

Your income tax turn over is calculated as

(Aboslute means even if number is negative consider it as positive )

AMT Sold- AMT Buy
770500 - 797500 = - 27000 ( minus loss 27k)
making that Absolute = 27000

So your Tax turnover is 27000
Understood ?

In short my way whatever your loss or profit figure is considered as tax turnover in shortcut way

Dont believe me what i said above or did i left you confusted then see this video

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