Tata Steel Rights shares for NRIs

With reference to the recent Rights Issue of Tata Steel

a) Were NRIs not eligible for the above rights issue?
b) How were the NRIs holding Tata Steel shares in ICICIDirect demat accounts intimated?
c) Did the NRIs receive Rights application form from Co?
d) or emails from IciciDirect?
e) What is the procedure for Rights shares for NRIs? - Physical Rights Application form or thru their demat account holding houses?

Can some one in the forum answer the above queries please?
Thanks in advance
I am in Oman and own 101 shares. I never got the offer letter.
But if you look at the market price and the rights offer price, there is no big loss. After rights the price will fall again. Most probably it is jacked up now. :)

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