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Suzlon 9-May-2011

Suzlon seems to ripe perfectly for counter trading.Good fall from 57 to 47 levels.:clap: Stoch @ 7odd

Chart is attached,critics are welcomed
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praveen taneja

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Re: Suzlon 9-May-2011

its in 42-57 range and support bears in risk reward in this mkt condition


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Everonn 12-may-2011

hi folks,

similar to suzlon , Everonn systems is a super candidate for trading.

Chart is attached , critics welcomed. target zone 592-605-619

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Cadilla 15-May-2011

Hi folks,

Cadilla tgt zone 951-970 for quick gains:lol:

Critics are welcomed.

NB:Already moved from 730 lvls to 920 :clap::thumb:


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