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talbros auto is a good stock highly recommended by my broker . i have been with my broker from last 10 years , and i know that he is a genuine person . on his advise i have also invested substantially. he expects the stock to move up to at least rs.150/- levels within 6 months
it has been a long time since this thread started . but performance of talbros auto has been below par . in fact it is even below it's IPO price .
there is no logical explanation of why a particular stock does not move up despite great potential . at present the only reason i can think is that more people are interested in A group shares ( which is why only the sensex/nifty scrips are going up and up ! ) rather than the B2 group of talbros .
Hi Sculptor,
Just my 2 paise worth. Talbros IPO did not do too well if I remember correctly. Then it decided to merge its loss making XO Infotech (another Talwar Group company) with itself. Today they have announced that they will keep XO Stamping (auto component co) and demerge its hardware/software divisions. another announcement was that their jv with that Japanese (?) company has been 'dismantled'. Now that foreign co. will take away major part of the gasket manufacturing in which they had 70% market share. Still today, on their announcement of restructuring plans, the stock has moved up Rs. 5.70 (from 86.30 to 92). I hear that it should do well now. Maybe they have something up their sleeves.
thanks for the details. after reading your post ,talbros auto certainly looks scary. actually i had invested on the strong recommendation of my broker . naturally i confirmed with him 2-3 times whether it is worth the wait . the answer has always been an emphatic yes.
not only my broker , but i have read recommendations of 2-3 other brokers giving specific target of rs.157/- to rs.163/- for talbros . this target has been discussed on cnbc tv also. i am convinced just by the sheer specificness of the target . however to be fair this was before the date of your post. now suddenly this scrip and the management does not appear in too good a light . anyway i will once again confirm with my broker about the future prospects of talbros.


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anjana said:
Will talbros auto go up from these levels..Rs.105-106.... will the stock go up before december 16th.
December 16th ????? any reasons for this particular date..this is long back you posted....but please do not decide the future on assurance of brokers...rather cnbc may prove wrong on this counter...the management of the company has not been effective...I've seen some companies in past sinking just because of mismanagement...I'm sure you know what i'm talking about...

hope you make money in stock market..happy trading....

further to my post yesterday , i once again checked up with my broker . he advised me to check up on the internet once again , since his news was still positive on talbros. accordingly i went through google search to myiris.com and specifically to talbros auto.
now i have to confirm that whatever news that has been mentioned in the previous posts by some people are probably as a result of some misunderstanding. there is no news about dismantling of any agreement . on the contrary talbros plans to invest rs.4.8 crores in the proposed joint venture with japans 'leakless corporation '. their other plans include a rs.32 crores greenfield forging plant at Bawal ( haryana ) and upgradation of their gasket manufacturing facility at faridabad with rs.9.86 crores.

all this i am quoting from the site. the other good news is that all the subsidiaries i.e. xo stampings, xo infotech and talbros international will be merged in the parent company and will be good for the business as well as the shareholders . this is also from the website myiris.com

so i feel that the future of this company is very bright.
Okay Sculptor, I too was concerned about 'talbrosauto' so I did some more checking. JV with Nippon Leakless is like this. (1) Talbros has only 40% share in it. (2) Talbros sales to Honda group (22 cr. worth) have to be transferred to the JV by about Apr/Aug of 2007. This will have a significant effect on Talbros' revenues and profitability. Check out:

XO Infotech is a loss making Talwar group co. so I don't see how merging it with parent co. creates value. On the contrary, the parent co. will have to absorb losses. But demerging loss making hardware/software business of XO Infotech should be a good, while keeping XO Stampings with the parent as it will be a synergistic move. Check out:

CMP = 88.15. Markets have given up over 300 points today!


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Some technical on talbros.Yesterday it was inside bar.So,bull>91 & bear<88.20.R-94.5/96.At 96,it had formed double top,indicating bearishness in short term.However ,make yr own analysis.
all the best,

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