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I've observed that quite a few people (retail/thrifty investors like me) have been claiming to use sophisticated/expensive softwares like MetaStock / Advanced Get / TraderStation etc...

I don't understand how logical it is to spend such an exorbitant money on these softwares. Since, i'm feeling left out and also scared that i might be missing out on the edge that can be gained using these software, i've decided to buy something as well :confused: .. is that a wise decision or should i just stick to the free tools available on the net?

Pl. advise.

sh50 said:
Is this also applicable to indian stock markets?
I don't think they cover Indian Stocks.

I checked the symbol catalog ( http://stockcharts.com/charts/catalog/09.html )

and there are no signs of Indian Stocks.

Sh50 why dont we make a suggession to them to include indian Stocks too.


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No harm in trying. Maybe a joint representation might work. Stockcharts is a very good website for clearning one's fundas. I wrote to them long back about coming to India and start some kind of course but did not receive a response.

Coming back to the oringinal topic of this post, one should always be very of people trying to sell second hand software. Last September one fellow tried to sell second hand advanced get for Rs 100000. Later, I came to know that they source them cheaper from south east asia and sell it at a premium here. Anyway advanced get is very dicey to use as well. For Metastock and tradestation, I only wish the training to use thiem throughlly were available here the way it is abroad.

I guess, the advice is to stick with whatever your comfortable wrt monetary as well as from usage perspective. I'll take that ..

Ankit - MetaStock is free? could you pl. let me know how do i get my hands on it?

Regarding your query on free tools available on net, check Credit Violets post he has mentioned quite a few of them. I'm using one of those (WinPhitech), its pretty decent tool. The only issue i'm facing is how do i keep the data upto-date? would appreciate if anyone can provide some help or pointers


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