T triangles basis -eod system

Here is what trade triangles system uses.
green triangle and red triangle .
3 months & 3 weeks-trend and signal

simple breakout system

There is code for tradestation.
it can be converted to amibroker.
link is here

short summary
How Do They Do It?

When I examined the entry and exit signals over time I came to the conclusion that the Trade Triangles are nothing more than a classic breakout indicator. That is, they simply take the highest high over the past N days to determine when to go long and then determine the lowest low over the past N days to determine when to close that same long position. More specifically in the case for the Perfect R Portfolio, they use a three month channel of price extremes to determine market direction (trend) and use a three week channel to determine entry/exit price levels. Trend trading based upon price channels is well documented and continues to be a valid trading method.

Trend: Three month price extreme.
Signal: Three week price extreme.

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