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I might have put the names but the intention is just to show how the portfolio looks like when in drawdown and I dont want anyone to blindly follow me. If I show the stock names then it also becomes my responsibility to show when I sell those shares on time which is not in my control as it is all mechanical. Further this is just one on my core strategies that I am running in one of the zerodha accounts and hence my risk taking ability would be completely different from others. What I want people to learn through this experiment is that the road is not always rosy and one need to have strong confidence in their tested strategies and stick to it during both good and bad times. Also this is a good opportunity for me to document my trading journey and show the concepts of Growth investing as explained by ST da and others in this forum looks like when implemented and traded live as a portfolio.

Further I want to give a disclaimer that though I am not a big trader yet, I have about 6 trading accounts (Zerodha-4 & ICICI-2) with decent capital allocation and hence overall my portfolio of portfolio returns will not face much drawdown. Here I am just showing the performance of Growth momentum strategy, however I run complementary non-correlated strategies in other accounts hence it is not possible for me to guide anyone the stock selection and the strategy principles as a whole as I do not worry about any single stocks and do not run any strategy in isolation. But I am confident that each strategy on its own over time will give positive returns.

For example this is how my best performing strategy has worked in the last few months which is due to its smaller size and uses signals from the Growth momentum Strategy and very volatile.

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Thanks for this very detailed answer. Makes it absolute clear why posting the symbols does not make sense so far and I absolutely can understand the reason behind it after reading your post. Wish you a good start into the new week. :up:


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First pause after the massive fall last few days. I will be adding to my positions tomorrow. Though this may or may not be the low, there is high possibility that the downtrend would continue as it could be just a pullback...but one should take advantage of the first green shoot. Additions should always be in small quantities and this will be my first adds in this downtrend.

One may miss the lowest point but trades after the pause gives higher probability of success and is a systematic way to make the trade decisions rather than random catching of falling knife. There are also other systematic ways like buy after a certain %age fall.. but I prefer the pause method.
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Just to give a perspective of where the current DD stands. Its getting interesting now, as the current DD (11.39%) is very near to last year Sept DD (11.6%), lets see how far it goes..enjoying this ride as I am just following my trading plan..:)

I continue to be fully invested and will add to the positions if I get an opportunity this week.



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Observed there was some buying in broader markets today. Will be adding to few of my portfolio positions tomorrow. It will be my second add this month.


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Date: 13-03-2020: Friday the 13th....:)

Nifty in Lower circuit within first 15 min of open!!!

Portfolio Status at LC:
Low point in the day:

End of Day:

15% Range...:)
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