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Hai all...:)
Back to TJ with a new thread...and a new system which i was back tested... i will bring it in live from tomorrow on wards & Special thanks to all TJ members for their support.....i got a lot of basic brick stones of trading from TJ which helped me a lot and studying. :) For My trading i set some basic rules which have to be edited,added,deleted..... :)



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Good Luck and Happy trading


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:mad: feeling bad ...lack of trading knowledge guyzz...

removed all those indicators i cannot trade with them better not to look those...

now am looking into some price actions that better...:mad::)

see .... Its normal in trading don't be discouraged....

see u have taken time to build your system.....but u have given away ur system in 2 trades. real trading is different than seeing the charts and building a system.

try to incorporate these things in ur trading system....

1).only use two indicators below ur price chart.
a).one is any momentum indicator(cci,rsi...etc).
b).volume indicator with 50 period ema applied to it.

when comes to strategy/trading system building. apply these things.

1)trend filter.(anything like 200sma or daily trend direction).
2)Volatality filter(for this Use atr).
3)volume filter(to trade only liquid scripts).
4)above all go conservative when ur testing ur system in realtime...may be 0.5% of ur equity.
5).Trading skills only comes with realtime.... dealing with on spot matter what u implemented on previous data.

6)when u gain experience/confidence then risk more.

7)if u get positive expectancy....then u can think about optimum risk and position sizing methods. to get maximum out of ur system.


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