Swing Trading Stock Pick - Dabur India - Beginning of a New Intermediate Uptrend


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Dabur India - Beginning of a New Intermediate Uptrend

After consolidating for over 16 weeks Dabur seems to be on the verge....

See attached chart for more details including stoploss entry price and profit objectives.

About Dabur India
Dabur India (consolidated) net profit increases by 38.9 per cent to Rs 64.9 crore, revenue up 18.9 per cent to Rs 715.4 crore during HY04.
Dabur India net surges 42.1 per cent to Rs 63.7 crore, revenue up by 12.3 per cent to Rs 588.8 crore during first six month.

Dabur India Limited declares 100 per cent interim dividend
The Board of Directors of Dabur India Limited (DIL) announced an interim dividend of 100 per cent per equity share in their Board meeting held here today to consider the audited financial result of the company for the quarter and half-year that ended on September 30, 2004. The record date for the payment of dividend has been finalized as November 3, 2004.

The growth is despite tough environment for the FMCG business with main growth drivers being a slew of successful new product introductions and good growth in South India and the International markets.

Earning Call/Webcast

Dabur India (consolidated), which includes the financial figures of Dabur India, Dabur Foods, Dabur International Ltd, Dabur Nepal Pvt Ltd other subsidiaries and exports from India, posted an increase of 98.8 per cent in net profit to Rs 22.1 crore from Rs 11.1 crore during the first quarter of the current fiscal.

Sales turnover (consolidated) during the quarter under review has increased by 22 per cent from Rs 282.5 crore to Rs 344.4 crore.

"The company gained significantly from its innovative marketing initiatives, aggressive sales strategies and improved business processes. Health care, oral care and baby care segments were the key drivers of growth during the first quarter followed by the products in the Hair care and Digestives category," said the DIL CEO, Mr Sunil Duggal.

The hair care products, which accounted for nearly 39 per cent of sales of the company during the first quarter, grew approximately by 8.6 per cent while the health supplements category, which accounted for over 11 per cent in the turnover, grew by 25 per cent.

During the same period, oral care, which includes the newly launched Red Tooth Paste, posted a healthy growth of 21 per cent while the baby care category grew by over 13 per cent.

The Ayurvedic Specialties Division, which has now been restructured as Consumer Healthcare Division (CHD) comprising OTC products and ayurvedic medicines, registered a growth of 10.4 per cent.

"The restructuring of the CHD Division is complete and we are now poised to generate significant scale and momentum to our OTC portfolio," Mr Duggal said.

Dabur International Ltd, the Dubai-based subsidiary and the hub for all its international operations, grew by 40 per cent in turnover from Rs 16.3 crore to Rs 23 crore during the period. The company has also incorporated a local subsidiary in Nigeria African Consumer Care for tapping the Nigerian and West African markets.

Dabur today has manufacturing operations in India, Bangladesh, West Asia, Egypt, and Nepal and has plans to set up manufacturing facilities in Pakistan and Nigeria.

Meanwhile Dabur Foods Ltd, a subsidiary of Dabur India manufacturing Real fruit juices, Hommade and Lemoneez, posted an increase of 68.7 per cent in sales to Rs 28.9 crore during the three-month period.

Real, the flagship brand for Dabur Foods, posted a growth of 66.5 per cent and the company launched its first natural cooling drinks Coolers in three flavours during the quarter under review.

Would appreciate if someone could post or comment on recent quarter results ending Sept. 2004.


Re: Dabur India - Beginning of a New Intermediate Uptrend

Nice weekly chart on Dabur.......neat wide range bar breakout from a base .Thanx Traderji!!
Re: Dabur India - Beginning of a New Intermediate Uptrend

Excellent call on Dabur, Traderji.

I have been following all your calls closely and am impressed with your 90% track record. I would recommend you post call picks on stocks everyday and also charge for it. I am sure you will have many interested traders.
Re: Dabur India - Beginning of a New Intermediate Uptrend

Excellent Call on Dabur Traderji. I agree with andy that you should come out with more regular stock tips and I also do not mind paying for this service.

Dabur is currently at 88.00 after moving to 90.00 earlier during the day. Volume is 1.5 million shares on the NSE.
Re: Stock Pick - Dabur India - Beginning of a New Intermediate Uptrend

Great call on Dabur as always.........Thanx!! :)
Re: Dabur India - Beginning of a New Intermediate Uptrend

interesting,the Paul Levine's line.....Very nice,im3vil,and thanx!
Re: Dabur India - Beginning of a New Intermediate Uptrend


Dabur has corrected over the last three days. Can we add more now?



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Swing Trading Stock Pick - Dabur India - Beginning of a New Intermediate Uptrend

Well one can add/buy today once the stock crosses 89.00. Once you go long keep your stoploss at 86.00

This is a Swing Trading Stock Pick Signal for Dabur India.

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