Swing Trading Dairy

Recording virtual trades for Swing Trading, which is basically chart based. So discretion is involved.

Long Nifty / 10,254
Long Bank Nifty / 21,420
After seeing the first two long trades in red, and recognizing the trend change to short, resulted in the 1st day ending in green.

Short positions are still open with Nifty and Bank Nifty being carried over. Will review tomorrow.



DAX down 1% Nifty/Bank Nifty following. Exit and reverse @ 10,162 and 21,175

SL : 50 Points for Nifty / 150 points for Bank Nifty
This is a repeat post... thought the first one was not posted.

It's long Nifty and Bank Nifty, but seems to be a shakeout day... Below 10,025 for Nifty, reverse both long positions and go short.
Really difficult day to trade as the Index moved in a narrow range, breaking the upside and downside. However it remained in the green all day long, indicating there is some strength. Late buying came in during the last hour, so we can expect an upday up tomorrow. The short trade exited and long remained valid thru the day, which is being carried over.

The advantage of noting thoughts and trades in a public dairy is of great help to clarify one's thinking and position.

Summary :


So no gap up, but a gap down....

DOW is down post Fed statement.... Asian markets weak too... We have expiry, as well as Supreme Court ruling on telecom, which will impact telcos as well as banks.... so the market can move up massively on either side based on the outcome...

Holding long with stop and reverse 9,970. SL for both positions another 100 points from reversal trade.
Summary :

Overall P&L in the red. Let anticipation of an even (Supreme court verdict) and weekly expiry to exit. But as said, recording trades let's one clear thinking.....

DOW is down @ -4.50%, so we will open in the red and likely trend down tomorrow. Let's see where we open and if possible to take a position.


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