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The calls shall be given here which I would like to trade personally.

There are having plenty of threads providing tips here in Traderji. Then why this new thread ? I have doubt about the percentage of people really trades their own money in derivatives giving tips here.....As an FNO trader I know the practical difficulties one trader faces....A person having 5 lakhs margin cant keep 4/5 open positions in stock futures...... people having more than 10 lakhs capital dont waste their time in forums to pick tips what I believe, because either they are having their own trading systems or they are willing to pay a fee to the analysts/advisors becoz of scarcity of time due to their busy workiing schedule. All this I am writing from my personal experience………
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Older member of Traderji knows my friends very well and activity of them. From the bitter experience of past criticism one thing I have gained immensely ......self confidence......They used to challenge others about contract notes.......which I had produced here several times.....but none of them had produced theirs own.

Now after couple of years have been passed and I can understand the reasons of their backbiting......Of late I came to know most of the so called traders they dont trade at all and they are either system sellers or data vendors or sub brokers or tips sellersor just paper traders and passing and enjoying their leisure times.

A successful trader who earns a monthly profit of around 1 lakh doesn,t need to sell all those things. If any person is claiming to be a successful trader and selling any of the above things a liar what I believe.
I like this forum very much, though the standard is decreasing daily. But I must admit that I never gained any knowledge from any member here except to gaining confidence to concentrate on my own trading. And because of this confidence I closed my profitable advirosy services and broker house.

I am not claiming myself as a successful trader yet........I have to go a long way still..........
During the market fall of 2008 I had earned in lakhs.......But continuous success makes people adamant also. I entered in commodities and lost most of the profits there. One stupid idea was to SIP Natural Gas. I continued to do it till mid Aug and finally failed because of huge margin pressure resulting huge losses and compelled me to stop trading for couple of months. But started again....
Giving 5/10 tips and then claiming about the success of only succesful calls is not the motto of this thread. Hence shall give here selective calls and until positions get closes not fresh calls shall be given

Purpose of this thread is to reduce our losses and make profit.

Wish us good luck.



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Dev, I think you must take a spoonful of sugar before posting anything more in this thread. Right now, you are too bitter to say anything.

Few weeks back, you had started a thread in "Equities" section where you said that you will be giving insights/calls on NIFTY. Few hours after opening that thread, you edited the post and said that "You were drunk and by mistake started that thread". You did edit that "I am drunk" post later, but I had seen it before you edited it.

Right now, seems that you have not over with what had happened two years ago. Your mood seems bad and the taste isn't good.

I just hope whatever you will be writing, will be in "clear and conscious" state of mind, and not in an drunk/intoxicated/inebriated state.

Best of luck with you new thread.

praveen taneja

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A small Request to all the visitors of this thread pls dont make a start a bad start
Instead of of accusing or anything we must try to earn and correct and learn from Dev
I know he is one of most polished gem of traderji and my Good wishes to him for this nice initiative
People who think they know more then him can start a new thread and we all would surely visit that thread too
Lets have peace and wait for mkt to start Have a nice day to all of us God bless us all

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