Surat there any hopes for this/


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Hello madhura,
Have you asked the question because you have a position in the stock?
Please don't go by news on penny stocks, as in a bull run such news starts flying around. It is said that when penny stocks begin to flare, the bull run is coming closer to the end.
I am not saying that the company asked about by you is no good, but there are plenty of low value, or penny stocks discussed in this forum by experienced members, and quite a few were posted by Traderji a couple of days ago.
If you are new in the market, be very careful as right now most every one is europhic over the bull run. When the fall, or correction as it is euphemistically called, comes about, there will be stunned silence all around.
You may want to go around the posts on the forum and do some research on the net on the scrips discussed, short-list the ones that suit you, and ask your question with a clearer understanding.
Sorry, I did miss your question on my thread when I was away, but back now.
I'll be more than happy to help, being a learner myself. :)
Thanks Amit!
Thanks for your guidance and remembering my old posts.
Yes i am new to market. But guidance provided here will definitely help me out.
Thanks for great tips........Creamee, supratik,saint, traderji,yankie.

There is lot more to learn from you guys! ;)
dear Madhura
as is told by AMITBE i also feel that this is a very tricky scrip... daily charts show a strong support at 5.5 and resistance at 7.5. though the weekly charts had still promises ... might go to 8 if decline to 6 (current close is at 6.72). in my opinion if not invested stay out and wait for some real consolidation and clear sign and if already entered keep a SLT OF 5.85 and target of 7.85.....


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Hi ravi t,
The daily chart, seen only as a graphic visual without numbers and levels etc., gives you a strong suggestion that this is a high volatility share. Please go back and note the frequent and sharp valley/peak formation, gaining and losing by several percentage points in each direction.
For that reason alone, last night I implied to madhura to look elsewhere and look for defensive and stable scrips.
Hi Madura,
Frankly,Stay away.....agree with Ravi and Amitbe.This is going to be like sitting on a bull in a rodeo.....u'll be thrown around.Many more great scrips around......take something,anything,not this!

Phoenix :cool:
Thanks for all of you for guiding me.........
i will stay away from this Surat Textiles now! :eek:
will look for some other good tips........

Bye........happy trading!

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