Suppose the Markets are not fair .. then what is tomorrow's status??


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I posted the following in message board of another site. There was a good response.

Suppose the markets are controlled by manipulators then where will it head tomorrow? Post your replies because there are so many threads for a 'FAIR' trading projections so let's have vox populi on 'UNFAIR' practices.

[ For 20th Aug 2009]

I am certain that the Indian Share market is not predictable if you apply 'fair' rules ( TA, pivots etc ). It is because they not ruled by fundamentals but by 'them' ( I will not spell who are 'they' )

LOGIC for UP today is :

1. Few days back 'they' said the Indian Markets ( IM ) are robust and they are stronger than other markets. So 'we' ( I mean small investors ) were a assured lot and sensex went up.

2. A small news of rains .. and down. They said .. nothing to worry it is only the shortage of rains. It is time to enter for those who missed it earlier.

3. So, 'we' entered .. again market went up for a short time of a day and then down.

4. Again ... " enter now , use oppertunity" . 'We' bought and yesterday .. still down ... so selloff by 'we'. But they gobbled on it and today they will offer it at higher price.

5. In the mean time they played on FnO segment .. first signalled to buy 4600,4800 etc. But 'they' bought PUTs ( in Rs10 to 30 levels ) and SOLD futures.

6. Now when PUTS are in Rs100 they are reaping harvest.

7. BUT wait. It 20th and nearing expiry of FnO. So 'they' have to square off those CALLs which they bought last two days for 1 to 10 rupees.

8. HENCE .. today the market HAS TO go UP.

Let's see.

The market DID fly today.

Tomorrow 'they' are saying that the mkt will fly.

But I feel that today they have made preparartions for RED tomorrow
and so 'they' have to cover up the downsided positions tomorrow.

So, Tomorrow there will be a big loss day. What do you say?? See that although the sensex has gone up today they have not touched the biggest contributor viz, Reliance.


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Hi s^3,

It doesn't matter if the market goes up or down. If you are a trader, you have to plan to how you can make use of the rise/fall. How you are going to react and make money out of it.
Markets never trade at fair value/ fair price. Because of this unfair only, anyone gets an opportunity to buy/sell.

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