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Eddie and buddies,

I have not yet gone live however seem to be have a decent understanding and control of LazyBoy now.

Customized my trading according to it and have put some rules for myself. Though demo is entirely different ball game than live, I believe I have some control over my trading now.

I will tend to post charts of the trades I take.

Hi Sanjoy
Do u hav the exe files....files posted on first thread do not work.
Edward too assured bt...yet no update.
Even i sent PM to u n Edaward..nobody responsing....don kno y.
If u hav the files then do dend me.


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Hi hyraj and others,

sorry I could not reply few pms and posts here, was tied up quite a bit. Will post the updtated files soon for you to trade the coming week.

Hope all our my friends here are doing great in their life, forex or otherwise... Life is treating me good and hope it's doing the same with you ...

God bless you guys and take care
Grand Welcome Edawrd aftr a long gap,
I tried to send u PM yur PM storage quota is "EXCEEDED".........plz delete some messages.

Thanks in advance.



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I am having trouble attaching the files for some funny reasons... lemme know sanjoy if i can send it to you... and then may be you can upload...
Hi Edward ,

I am a Newbie in forex , was going through the note on traderji, it was very interesting. Yesterday I did install the lazy boy with MT4 demo account but it gives a message stating to contact you to renew license. And crossover does not show on the screen .

A screen shot is attached for your reference .

Request you to help me in this.

Thanks and Regards
Alok Urs
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