Stock Selection

Dear All,

I am planning to do day trading. Is there any way to select any particular share for day trading on the basis of previous days move?

if so, what are all the parameters to look into? How to select the share for day trading?

would be thank ful if any one of them could help me out.

Dear karthik and Every one.

Thank you very much for your mail. i know this site for the last 20 days or so.
i feel somewhat so bad that i didn't know this site earlier. This is very good site i feel. Ok let me come to my problem.

I have been in the market as investor for the last 2 years (alomost). i made good money also. After that i had impression that there will be lot of oportunities in day trading. And i started learning technical analysis, not everything, but only two ie. multiple moving average and macd. I had searched lot of things on internet and found only two good indicators i feel. that's why i started learning above two.(ma and macd)

i don't know anything in technical analysis apart from above two (ma and macd) to be honestly i am telling.

For the last 1 month almost daily i am on the market as day trader.i made very good profit also. Again my intution told me that there are lot of oportunities in day trading. here i stopped investing and started hating investing also..that is the tragedy i had got.

I used to day trade in less liquid stock ie Total quantity traded less than 3 lakhs and more than 75000 shares in previous day.

I never touched any nifty shares or anything like big big companies.i used to watch tick by tick charts and it worked very well for me. I used to make money on kirloskar oil, vysya bank, aarti industries, mercators, til, ocl and rpg trasn like that...

than suddenly i started looking at more liquid stocks like HMT, Microtek, welspunjgujrat etc... (please don't mind if i misspelt the companies name)

here also i used to trade on the basis of tick by tick chart on more liquid stock. it never worked here.

Now i started facing the music and i have lost almost all the money in 3 days i have earned in day trading for the last one month.

i couldn't understand why MA and MACD are not working well in less liquid stock and more liquid stock.

did i find the exact reason i have or some other reason?

Can any one tell me the reasons and how to overcome this?

Please help me out. I have been going thru site. but i couldn't find any answers for the probelms i have..

i think i have told the problems i am facing.. please reply.


karthikmarar said:
Hi Santhosh

Wecome to forum..

Looks like you are new to Trading, dont jump into Day Trading... First learn the Intricacies of trading. You cannot find a better place than this forum to learn.

Anyway here are some of the link for posts on Day Trading..

Re: stock selection-Attention senior memebers please reply.

Dear All,

If you have answers to my question, please post it here. i request you to post.


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