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Hi All,

I was wondering how people scan 5000 odd stocks every week or day to come up with those which show 'mementum', starting an 'uptrend' ( all Latin to me !) etc., etc., Then I came to know by reading some articles that there are some software which automatically screen all these in no time and come up with a shortlist.

Guys, can anyone please enlighten me on this:

Is it true that such possibility exists ?
What could be the software ?
Can some one with no knowledge on TA ( like me ) learn to use them or one should be an advanced analyst with MTech from IIT :) to be able to use it ?

Thanks in advance for your time.

many of the sites are user friendly. they provide so much information all gathered and ready made. and many of them are instantaneous. but inspite of all these one has to venture to look into those areas.

many of the english financial dailies give exhaustive analysis of the stock market.

you can browse extensively the following sites. :cool:
Stpmds, Thanks for the reply. But I was referring to software which can be used to screen the scrips based on certain criteria which can be set.

Thanks anyway.

Can any body answer my questions in the original posting. I am sorry if I was not clear in my message. I meant automated software based screeners : both technicals based and fundamentals based.

Thanks guys :)


Hi investock
All softwares can do that what u r referring to.Metastock has explorer,tradestaion has radarscreen etc.U would need to know to put in the right parameters to scan ur conditions based on TA.Also u can scan them in real time if u have a real time feed.
Its basically same as scanning stocks manually but more precise and fast
Amibroker has a plugin called Powerscan where u can code scanning parameters without any need to code manually.Also wealth lab can scan intraday with feed from quotetracker.It takes less than a minute to scan 100s of stocks.

Hi, can anyone guide me how to scan nse stocks in market opening to find out open is equal to close and greater than previous close or vice-versa.
You will need charting software for this.
I am also a beginner in TA and I use FCHARTS basically because its quite easy to use and very reasonably priced. Check in the Software forum for what will suit you best in terms of price and usability.
I also use getbhavcopy for my EOD data. I do not have live intraday data streamed in though.
You may have to subscribe (as in pay) for live data.
Scanning for a gap up/ gap down is not to difficult on charting software.

Read through the Software and Data Feeds forums for more.
Hi I am using Amibroker,along with it i am using powerscan.I am using realtime data from TDI.But still i cannot scan the stocks in the opening time to check the values.Please advice what to do.
I do not know what kind of technical charts or conditions you are talking about. I will only tell you what I do:
1. I am a client of Zerodha and use a facility called for some screening criteria.
2. That however, is not enough for some specific strategies I need to use(like Triple EMA, or double EMA and MACD). For that purpose I use Python programming. But I can assure you that learning basic programming skill is not impossible(I am no IITian) to learn and use. The only reason for using Python is the large number of free APIs available(yes, absolutely free EOD data), unlike some paid software like Amibroker.

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