Stock Markets - A relatively clean Niche

Us Indians pay 20000 Cr + per year as bribes says a headline in TOI.

Boy O Boy O Boy O Boy O Boy!!!!

Try buying a property. One'll have to pay off multiple govt. officers at the Tehsil to get things moving. No bribe, no work done.

If you want to run a factory, you have to bribe all departments concerned so that you can carry out your work, although there may be nothinng wrong with your work.

Started transacting at the stock markets recently.

No bribes. No non-sense. Pay education cess, pay STT, pay income tax on short term gains. Well, I definitely call that clean.

The general environment I am experiencing among the people on this site is clean.

I seem to have found a niche I like, assuming that the Harshad Mehtas and the Ketan Parekhs are passe.

The following poem depicts my state of mind before finding a clean niche :

Why, O India?

O India
is everything about you a scam?
don't you have any conscience left
isn't your red-tapism
your jelly backbone like bureaucracy
ashamed of its apathy?

O India
why do I suffer when you bleed?
were all those lives
your children gave up for you
by taking bullets from the enemy
under excruciating pain
were all those lives
sacrificed in vain?

O India
how many more sins
will be committed on your soil
how can you say
there's a feel good factor about you
when thievery, rape, extortion
and millions of other sins
rule your roost?

O India
is there any freedom
of speech and expression
left within you?
you can't even repay your martyrs
their families starve
while your pilots gorge
on their spoils of corruption

Why, O India
when even your so called religious
are busy raking in money
with no real credibility to show for
with child labour, oppression, starvation
why do you expect anyone
to respect you
O India?​

Thanks everyone,

Again a great write up!!!----Had we---all ur Fellow Indians---dared to think ur way--
(barring a few---who r stigmaed as so called "SOCIALISTS")----our country would have moved much ahead of others!!!-----So much potential all around in each and every sphere of life !!!----The only short coming--which we all have---we cannot come out of our provincialisms----Whenever we r asked to identify ourself----our 1st impulse is to say---I am a Gujrati,or a Bengali,or a Marathi,or a Tamil,or a Malayalam,etc.,etc----We never dare to think--lest to say ,ever:--
We r only humans---we r the children of the world---Then by Nationality: We r only Indians----and nothing else---

Also,--- As correctly specified by Uday----until and unless ----we learn to remember and repay our Martysts---we will never be able to move ahead---

The answer--- regarding why u suffer when ur country bleeds--(even when u r so well off)---This is only because u r a true Indian in the truest sense----The day when ur suffering becomes my suffering and slowly ,but surely---this feeling of intense pain touches the heart and soul of every individual---our country will become a global conqueror ---not in the literal aspect---but in the perfect blending of love ,philosopy,
Humanity,and prosperity----Maybe that day is not really far away--- with so much upcoming youngsters all around!!!----


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