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Mardia chemicals

This low price share is being traded at Rs 3. invites our attention. we invite our group of traderji to know more about the script and its growth. Not recommening but finding is it,inside trading or natural trading in line with its growth. Just explore the details and help us to MAKEUP our mind . :)
pentasoft softwares is merging with silicon which is also traded in range 5 the shareholderof pentasoft likely to get half the value of silicon and hence the rise or appreciation may not be immediate
NetVision Web Technologies Ltd
The share script is traded in BSE and is highest and lowest is 15- 90. In this market the share is languishing at 18-19. The company has following profile- List of clietns like L&T,PSU Guj Government,Johnson and Johnson,GHCL. Indian post and Guj Ambuja.
Total sale is 30 cr and net profit is 20Cr with an EPS Annuallised is 8 and book value of share (wwith reserves } is Rs 25/- order in hand 11 Cr Guj Gov.and global orders in sight a dividend paying company.
The share is not listed in NSE and the volume and regular trading could be feeble but it is ISO 9001.

Please go through the details and inform me about ur suggestion and other side of script.

With regards
Hello sure-shot,

Ur question is quite to the point ,
In downtrend the shares slides irrespective of its results to its yr bottom,
When share is traded below Book value ,managment ,promotors not interested in market,
The sales of the company is also criteria .
The company goodwill in stock market takes time to grow.
With regards,

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