Stock Analysis Basis - What is PE Ratio, EPS, P/BV...

Eps Is Earning Per Share, Pe Ratio Is Eps \outstanding Shares,if Pe Ratio Is Below 10 Of Good Stock One Can Buy It. You Will Find Pe Ratio In Capital Market Or Dalal Street Magazines.
m muthuswami

EPS stands for Earning pershare.if the co share capital is earning 10% then 100 Rs share will be 110 and 10 will become 11 in one year.
P stands for proift if you have invested 100 and earned 10 you have made 10% profit.
BV is the book value whenever is profit added every year the share capital of the companygets advance with intrinic value of the share as in above case if u earn [email protected] two year consecutively u BV is 12.
PE is price earning between u share value and traded in market as per industry earning.
Precisely this is for your understanding .

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