Sticky Threads - Revisit


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Hi All Members,

Please find the attached list of threads which are sticky on this forum. This is a long list of 45 threads and we intend to reduce this. Some of them are not active for many months.

Please let us know which thread can be unstick in your view.

We would appreciate your feedback on this.

Just tell us the ID number of the thread you think we should not stick.




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very nice list sir. 10 (it was one of the first threads I read in complete in Traderji) could be removed because according to the last few posts, the system stopped working. May be Pratap Sir's VWAP thread could be made a stick instead or some other.
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Wow i never knew the real meaning of Sticky. Today i am truly overwhelmed to be in the August company of just a few. What started as an ODE to my teachers here at Traderji has blossomed to a full fledged thread. Reminds me of the lyrics of "Hotel California". Something like you are always welcome but you can never leave. That is the bonding or shall i say the magnetic power of Traderji. I thank Traderji, the Moderators and most of all my beloved fellow members for bearing me and to include me in this August Company. Thank you always.

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