Spices outlook 2006

Jeera (NCDEX) : The Hazir market of Jeera in Unjha did show further improvement, however in contraty the Vyada toppled down. The arrivals were approximately around 1200/1500 bags and there was a trading of around 3500/4000 bags in the market. The trading activities did show an improvement with some outstation traders moving in to pick up the lots in the market and the selling pressure has reduced. The new crops are expected to be in the market by the end of next month and according to market sources the crop is expected to be better than last year. Being the support level of January Jeera is 6115 . There might be price flucation between 6095-6225.
U might see the bullish trend in Jeera Market.

Chilli (NCDEX):The Hazir market of Chilli remanined steady at most markets for most of the day. The arrivals at most markets remained steady for the day. The arrivals a Guntur market remained at 25,000 bags whereas in Warrangal it was around 1000 bags.The weekly arrival of the new crop of Chilli is around 25000 bags in certain districts of MP.The old stocks are being cleared off by the stockists and the farmers, before the new crop starts flooding the market but the supply is slowly on the decline or more or less steady.The market is sluggish with a weak underlining buying support from the domestic market. Trader wait for the lower level to buy .
Wait for the mid-Feb . u will find good volume in Chilli.

Pepper (NCDEX) The Hazir market of Black Pepper in Kochi continued the lean phase (down trend phase) as their are lots of selling pressure comming from the trader.The market is expected to see some trading activities when the trader and exporter comes into action after the holiday season. The demand is expected to pick up and the price have toggled down due to heavy pressure selling during last few week.The downtrend is also arrive due to new arrival crop and increased arrival from srilanka. Overall in long term the market look positive any level below 6650 it's feasible to buy getting an uptrend of 80-120 Rs .

Have a nice trading
Wish u a happy new year
Kaushal Shah
Dear Kaushal,

gonethru yr report. it was nicely written. do u give these tips on daily basis ? if yes kindly provide me the paymnet and other details at [email protected] at the earliest. your assistance in the matter would be of great help to me.

Dear Ajay
my one of the collegue had send u the detail of subscription charges, you can check ur mail....
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outlook of chilly

chilly is all set to make new highs.

recently we saw spurt of Rs. 200 in chilly prices in just 10 days.
market sources says that this is just begining.
fresh crop of chilly is likely to come in february.but this time market is expecting chily crop lower by 30 to 40%.

on the other there are many big farmers and stockiests are holding up there stocks as they too expect decrease in production.

demand side of chilly is quite facinating too. as india is the biggest supplier of chily in the world. and demand of chilly will always be there in the market all the time by exporters as well as domestic players. whatever chilly is coming in the mandies at this time are straight way sold in the market is indicating a strong demand.

technical view:

on the chart chilly is looking very bullish. it has formed cup and handle pattern.and is in the phaze of handle if it crosses 3209(march). then there are chances that it could reach to 3500. any one want to take long should wait untill march passes 3155 and stays there.

note: marketing sources are also saying chilly passing level of 3500.

(this report is based on my study and information get from my sources. this is my personal view)

any fundamental and technical views are welcome

PEPPER prices continued to slide on weak demand and alleged increased availability of the produce imported from Sri Lanka in the domestic market. According to them, Sri Lankan pepper is available at Rs 61 a kg in the country now. They are selling at $1,350-1,375 a tonne, against the Indian parity of $1,600 a tonne. Indonesia was offering at $1,600-1,625 a tonne C&F, while Brazil at $1,575-1,600 C&F.
They added that the DGFT notification on January 23 on pepper imports under the advance licence system has led to pepper prices declining over the past 2-3 days. "The move is definitely at a wrong time when the harvesting season is round the corner and the transport subsidy for pepper exports exists," they alleged. The DGFT, vide the latest notification under the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009, had fixed the minimum value addition for pepper under advance licence at 15 per cent. The downtrend in the prices seems to have made farmers to hold back their produce, resulting in poor arrivals at the terminal market.
Chilli: The Hazir market of Chilli at Guntur showed steady trend due to heavy demand comming from different part of North India.The fresh arrivals at Guntur and Warrangal were around 12000 bags and 5000/6000 bags respectively.The fresh is expected to flood the market by the end of the week which might create a short term weakness, however the demand is quite firm in the market. The market might show some weakness due to execessive supply expected for the day,

Turmeric:The Hazir market of Nizamabad showed bearish tone under the day as the buying support remain weak. The fresh arrival from the erode market were around 9000 bags and expected to increase further, where as at Nizamabad mandi the arrivals has been slowed down to 6000 bags. The arrivals are yet to pick up and so are as the demand from different market. As this market look in the bearish tone.
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