Sonata Software - Turnaround Story?

Sonata Software - Turnaround Story?

After a 4 month long consolidation/hibernation, Sonata looks ready to make a BIG move up.

It broke out of its resistant zone (see attached chart) on the 22nd of July 2004 with a 400% surge in trading volumes.

Looks like something is cooking!!

Anyway since I got a lot of requests for low priced stocks from investors wanting to take advantage of the NEW & LOWER capital gains scenerio, this looked appropriate.

For trading signal, stop-loss and profit booking level, see attached chart.


Good Call!

After declaring a hefty 50% dividend last year Sonata Software recently opened its third development Center in Bangalore.

Sonata Software Ltd today (May 26, 2004) announced the opening of its third development center at Richmond Road, Bangalore. The center is the third one in Sonata's portfolio in India. With a total area of 35000 square feet and four floors, the center will house approximately 300 IT professionals.

The new development center will start off with Symantec Corp operations. The building will house an Offshore Development Center (ODC) to support Symantec's IT organization.

Must keep a watch on this counter...
Dear tradersedge,

I bought these shares on your initial recommendation and totally forgot about it.

Today while going through my demat account list I noticed that I was still holding on to these shares. I just checked the price and was clearly amazed to see a price of 17.00.

I want to thank you tradersedge for the recommendation and also traderji for making this a excellent place to visit.

Keep it up!
With the objective of consolidating Sonata's presence in the European Union, and to cater to the IT needs of the rapidly growing German & West European markets,Sonata Software Ltd (Sonata) announced the setting up of its German subsidiary, Sonata Software GmbH in Frankfurt.


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