Sonata Software - Low Price Stock Pick

Traderji said:
Sonata Software - Low Price Stock Pick

Please see attached pdf file. To view this file you will need Adobe Reader

PS: You will need to make a mimimum of 5 posts before you can view any attached file, charts, documents, etc.
Interesting analysis. As usual your analysis is very lucid, clear and to the point!

Without the use of any fancy technical analysis indicator, just price charts.
Hello traderji,

Urs sonata software is most voluminous lots. mircrsoft marketing terms with cos,CEO repents not going public for his brain microsoft,grand company lacks in its corporate image and may soon enter,
urs sincerely,


Super Moderator
rohit876 said:
dear traderji,,
sorry to question you but is it not a an descending triangle in the attachment...
also pls confirm whether BILT is actually making an ascending triangle...i believe if it breaks 105 then we may see 115...what say
Sorry about that and I have corrected the typo.

BILT is indeed making an ascending triangle pattern.
sonata software

Hi guys,

is it right time to buy sonata software can you suggest what is the price to buy now ???

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