Some of My COT Thoughts!!


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Read more about COT here.

Cot reports are good to understand the overall picture of any given market. Timing is another thing. once you find set up, it's better to depend on technical indicators to find entry and exit points.

Lets see how it performs in real time!!



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Trend is still up.seasonal index also pointing higher at least for next couple of months.

Large traders open interest is at the lowest level indicating an oversold condition which is also bullish. The weak hands are out and its time for another rally!

I have taken positions as below.

Buy @ 1733.00 - Stop loss @ 1633.00 - Target @ Open

Buy @ 1756.00 - Stop loss @ 1656.00 - Traget @ open

Buy @ 1783.00 - Stop loss @ 1683.00 - Traget @ Open
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Extreme Volatility! got out of gold longs with a total profit of 260 pips.

USD/CAD Seems to made a top just below the parity.

COT index indicates both small and large specs heavily short of CAD. an oversold situation. seasonals favours CAD strengthening in to October before turning negetive.

Usd/Cad Short @ 0.9950 - stop loss @ 1.1050 - Target @ open

Usd/Cad Short @ 0.9900 - stop loss @ 1.1100 - Target @ open

Total for Sep
+260 pips


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Usd/cad Short trade stopped out for a total loss of -300 pips.

Total for sep
-40 Pips

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