Some guidelines

The members should take note that the social media is being subjected to greater policing. So please take care while posting any news/views. All news should be accompanied by the source (internet link etc). Of course, politics has a big influence on the markets and is a part of the trading talk, but still, be careful while posting your views, specially comments about personalities. The following news is about Whatsapp, but could apply to all of social media.

Offensive posts on WhatsApp can land group admin in jail

So, the members can expect more strictness from the moderators, posts being deleted without explanation, warnings given etc. All in the spirit of keeping the content to trading related only.

The thread "Day Traders' Lounge" has been re-opened, but let's keep it to chit-chat and avoid controversies.
We often receive requests from members to close their thread, for various reasons.

Well, if the thread-starter is not interested in continuing the thread, fine, but if the thread is not disruptive, it is in the interest of the forum to let it be kept open. We have seen SH's threads (315 strategy, Market correction etc) inviting users' interest despite the thread starter being away since long.

It is not the thread-starter's responsibility to keep a thread running. If the topic has run out of fresh ideas for now, ok, then let it be kept open and available for the members' benefit. Who knows when fresh input comes?

The thread starter carries on the thread for initial posts, expounds on his thoughts till the idea becomes mature and maybe gets accepted by some, rejected by some. There ends the thread starter's basic job. The other interested members can carry it forward, if they want to. If the thread does not receive participation, it will wither away anyway.

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