Software Developer needed for established data vending company

I represent a fairly large data vendor with about 1500 clients mostly dealing with EOD data with our own charting software. We also provide technical analysis and training to our clients and also are one of the largest authorized dealers of some of the most popular trading software in the market. We are experiencing rapid growth and need to hire a senior software developer with extensive capital markets and .NET application development knowledge. Our current requirements are
1. To upgrade our real time offerings to make it compatible with some of the leading technical analysis softwares.
2. Able to incorporate real time data to our very popular charting software.
3. Some of our clients are big brokers who have access to broadcast data files we will need to incorporate this data source with our charting software as well.
4. Upgrade our charting software from VB6 to .NET
We are currently looking for a 6 months contract and anybody looking to work from home is fine as long as the job gets done within the time schedule and the code is tested and meets our code inspection standards. We will expect the programmer to work with couple of our junior programmers so that they learn from him and do some of the work and help in the maintenance work. Please send me a personal message with your email address and I will contact you. We are looking to hire within two weeks and our first round of interviews are starting early next week.

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