Small Trader aiming for a Weekly Target of 10-15K


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Axis and Nifty exited in a hurry. They both if exited properly could have given my Weekly Target Today. Missed it
Trailing SL saved my SBI Short else Loss could be more as my order was not SL-M

Lessons Learnt:

Observe the price movement for 1-2 min before closing a trade.
Trail the SL if the trade seems favourable (Though not good at this)
My policy of no trade between 9.15 - 9-30 and 3 -3.30 can be modified to No fresh trade in that zone. Not applicable for the position in hand.
Always use SL-M order for SL (May not work well in low Liquid stocks but no problem with my list of stocks)


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Initial margin - 2 lakhs

Trade Types.
2 Lots Nifty
1 Lot SBI/Axis/LT/ICICI Bank/TCS/Infy/Bajaj Auto (Any one)

Target - Rs 10000 to 15000 per Week.

Only Intraday Trades and Max 3 trades per day

If a profit of Rs 2000- Rs 3000 achieved in a day then no more trades on that day.
All the Stocks you have chosen are risky (High beta ) stock. So either you should trade with a BIG Stoploss or choose some Low Beta stocks. Otherwise it would test your patience during the market hours. My suggestion is to put some money for the Options also because the Volatility is HIGH and you can make some Quick money.


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Covered at 5577.3. Gain Rs 685 (Covered it quickly as I normally don't trade after 3 PM)

Total gain for the day: Rs. 3347.5
U didn't mention...reasons for taking short there..and in any trade....
which method u follow for these trades..???
Will be helpful for analyzing the trades.......

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