Small profits , high trades , is it sustainable for long term ?

every small trader starts small, but i think compounding has more effect on your earnings at the end than small profits everyday. the profits you are talking about might turn into loss if the day went wrong, but not long term investment.

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Definitely doable sustainable . If you take care of the below points :
- Have proper rule of your profit and loss booking for each trade
- Max loss you can take per day , either number of consecutive loss trades or maximum amount you can loose in a day.
- How much money you are going to put in each trade so that one bad trade does not make you out of the business.
- How to increase your capital from profit
- Leverage you are going to take

Once you have the risk and money management taken care of then you are in business.
You already have some success wich is more than important, thanks to that forum you can really continue. For long term probably not unless you don't want to deal with such "trading" all your life, but it's a start and will really gives you anything which needed.
Well i think , it depends on how you trade . If your strategy is working fine and you are able to achieve desired returns on your trades you should continue doing the same. Your trades should be able to realize your objective of trading. So whether you trade in small volume for higher profits or small profits higher trades.
It totally depends on the decision taken to earn small profit, simultaneously also on the stock your are selecting to invest. To take such decision requires good experience and knowledge of market.


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Depends on your capital, strategy and experience. In equity fno its little risky. But if you try in commodities specially crude the strategy works good. Rest depends on skills. I had traded internationally with my nri frds and now again India successfully with same logic. In stocks I get losses with same strategy but in commodities even scalping with 3 -5 lots with leverage 5 10 times daily able to make 10%-50% intraday many times. But still sometime horrific experience throw be there where I had started. Instead try increase 1 lot every month on successful completion of month with avg profit planned. Like crude 1 lot 20 points and if you increase 1 lot every month then you even cant imagine of profit. Have to be disciplined.

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