Skumars Nationwide - A Turnaround Story

Skumars Nationwide is a turnaround story in making and belongs to the textile sector, which is expected to emerge as an outperformer in the long term. Skumars boast of brands like Reid & Taylor and Tamarind. The company has pruned its bottom line with a debt restructuring exercise to take heads-on the vast growth opportunities in its niche areas. The companys strategy includes operating in all segments of the textile sector.The company has plan to alliance with International brands and make further inroads in the retail business.It also plans to invest Rs. 300 crore over the next five years to give shape to its plans and the money could be raised through privtae placement. The private placement will also help unlock the value for the shareholders.

Current Market Price : Rs.23

The target price: The stock can touch the Rs.40-50 levels within one year on a conservative basis and Rs.70-80 levels in next two years.

Skumars Nationwide is not showing on Equity Master website, only is.

Any particular reason?

Any stoppage of trading in this stock?

Hi Uday,
Skumars Nationwide ---in equitymaster is ---SKSY.
It closed today at 22.9.This stk is having a downward movement. Can get at 20,but
a very good buy at 18 level.


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dear joy mitali can u regulary give us lists of the shares with price value between rs.10/25. which will move fast in next 10 trading sessions.
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