Site for downloading EOD quotes

Hi! Everyone

I have uploaded the site for downloading End of Day quotes for NSE.

It is still in the testing phase. Try it out.
There will be certain obvious mistakes. Forgive me for that.
Send me all your suggestions/improvements/bugs/changes whatever.

The quotes are gathered from EOD bhav files, downloaded daily from
The quotes are provided in Yahoo! historical format or Metastock7 format.

Only bhav files for 2005 are presently uploaded.
NSE symbols/code are currently supported.
Not Yahoo! symbols. (this will change..I am working on it)

[email protected]
Hi trader 9 congrats. you have done a great job at the right time. if you could make the changes as sugested by yourself it would be great. keep up the good work. but I still have 'nt been able to visit your site. its still down i think. whats the problem?
Hi, I have visited your site ... Its a Good Approach.

But, The Data in there is Not in Organised way & there is data of only last three months. Please try to fix this problem.

Meanwhile you can watch out "mypaisa" yahoo Group! ( ) .... which provides EOD Data for BSE, NSE & Derivatives at FREE of Cost. They also Provide Historical Data ... For BSE form 1984, NSE from 1994 & Derivatives from 2000. Please go there & have a Look ... I found this Group very helpful. I think this will help you too.

Happy Investing.

Hi! debdas

I am sorry if you find the site unorganised. Could you be more specific.
It will help me to improve the site.
This being my first effort, forgive me.

As I have said before, EOD data for 2005 is only uploaded.
I am still testing.

Thank you for evaluating the site.
congrats trader 9, you have done an excellent job and a lot of people will indeed find this helpful.

i would also like to make a suggestion, there are a lot of other people( like me) out there who need historical data for analysis but if they try to download it scrip wise they would have to make say 100 queries from ur interface ( if i need historical data on 100 scrips in metastock format) which can be quite tedious. it would indeed be great if you could provide consolidated data say for all NSE stocks which can be imported to metastock( somethin like historical bhavcopies converted to metastock format) . this would be very helful for ppl. tryin to build their database from scratch and not jus updating it.

Dheeraj M
Hi dheeraj. you just spoke my mind out you know. thats exactly what i had in mind too. if trader 9 or anybodyelse could look into it. it would be veryfruitfull i guess. we need to conver nse data directly in BULK to ms format... trader 9 should really try to give us this facility if possible. it would be of immense service to indian investor like us . we need not depend on yahoo. but only our nse .
Hi! Thank you all for the response.

I am working on a script to convert daily bhav copies into metastock format
I will soon upload it.

Once again thank you


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