[Simple Trading System] Trendline Break (The Only System You Need)

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[GET] Trend Dashb0ard Indicat0r


This is an "all-in-one" trend indicator. Provided Free to all subscribers {I hope mods of this forum doesn't find this post against the rules as it is provided FREE by the publisher. If you want, pm me for more info}

It shows you the trend of any currency pair in 7 different timeframes
accurately using 4 built-in trend direction detectors.

It also displays in-depth account and price information under one dashboard.

...and you can get it here for FREE right now:

Download Trend Dash B0ard Indicat0r:


Download the Manual:




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Re: [GET] Trend Dashb0ard Indicat0r

HI CAN U PM ME Or mail ME AT [email protected]


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Re: [GET] Trend Dashb0ard Indicat0r


Feel free to pm me, I won't be able to answer your msg immediately, so allow a delay of a day for reply frm me:



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[VDO] No need for using Technical Indicators

Hello friends,

Learning everything about 'Technical Analysis' & indicators would result in better trades and greater profits. Many of us who are newbies in here believe in this.

But from my personal experience, I found that using the least number of indicators is often the best. To be frank, I hate to see charts that are crowded with indicators exposing least of the REAL price action. Not to mention, indicators only 'reflect' the price action and nothing else - which means, even if you've added 10 or 20 indicators to your charts, you're seeing the same thing. Now, this doesn't mean that you need to trade in air, but I would recommend not more than 4 or 5 indicators on your charts for startup and then gradually reduce them. Here are two cool videos:

Why I dont use Techinal Indicators

Don't Use Technical Trading Indicators

Personally, when I started learning trading 2 years back, I felt 'Elliott' & 'Gann' are complicated and I was wondering if they are compulsory to be learnt. And now, I know the answer when I managed to survive in the market without these gentlemen.

cheers :clap:


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Re: [VDO] No need for using Technical Indicators

Well desi fx trader for last to days of searching and know about forex i come to a conclusion that it is not my type now i will be reading about it and when i comfortabel than i enter in in but thanks for the information right now i think nifty is good to start .


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Re: [GET] Trend Dashb0ard Indicat0r

Yes no one can send you message by pm but there is one solustion for it
if you make new id this time you make it capital later desiforex trader than we all can send you pm i think you goot it yes just do it and plz tell me also i have lots of question about forex ok i think this will solve your problem ok by
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