simple method to do successful intraday trade

simple method to do successful intraday trade is:- before starting any trade check the movement of any stock with quantity which is moving fastly, if the price of the stock is moving Up, buy 100 shares immediately with stop loss of Rs.2 to 3/- per shares and watch the price for next 10 minutes (if you are getting Rs.5 to 10 per shares excluding your expenditures ) and even if it is moving up dont become greedy sale it and book profit and even if as you have a stop loss of Rs.2 To 3 if the price moves in down direction your loss will not be more that Rs500/- (including all expenditures) per trade and even after selling the shares with profit if you find that still the prices of shares is moving up you can trade again in the same script that way you can save your previous profit amount which you have already booked and incase if you lose in second trade there will be makeover and during the trading time dont be greedy and trade with clear stop loss and try to book profits at every time, this way you can trades as much as you can & each trade should have time binding of 10 Minutes each (if your are not finding any movement is price dont wait and complete the transaction and be ready for next trade otherwise in such script there may be chances of moving price of the shares down fastly), and along with this you should always have news of companies and try to trade in A group scripts (which are having fast movements) [/FONT]
Hello Friend,
In this kind of technique risk factor is very high. There may be possibility to touch the stop loss BEFORE it will reach the profit level.
It may work some times if we selected some good shares.My suggestion is to put the stop loss in 2-3%.

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