SH's Intraday Strategy - ELH5

Hi Friends,

Many fellow traders have asked me to share an intraday strategy which can generate some consistent returns.

Though I do not trade intraday, however I would like to share a strategy which I call ELH5. This is a momentum based strategy and I have seen it working pretty effectively. As usual, like my other strategies, its a simple strategy which requires no complex indicators.

Please note : At this stage, this is just a strategy and not a system. This is an attempt to develop it as a system hence all feedback is welcome.

I will explain the basics of this strategy in my next post. As a teaser, I am posting the charts based on which this strategy works. This is a Nifty Futures 5 minutes charts for last 3 days with 2 EMAs plotted. I would like to know if anyone can spot some recurring patterns on this chart which can be exploited for trading... Cmon guys .. get your thinking cap on and post what you see on charts! :)

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Sorry guys - I think there is a 100 KB limit to all attachments that I can upload on Traderji .. and I have already uploaded 90KB in the past on my previous threads... so cant upload any more images. :annoyed:

Not sure how I will be able to explain without charts..... :(
IMHO 100 KB limit for the attachments is not sufficient. As people share so many charts in their tutorials. Deleting those charts to upload new may render the tutorials useless. Atleast it should be increased for the senior members.

You may upload it here and share the link with us. :)


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