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Hi traderji,
I want to know abt short sell in cash market I have done short sell in Margin plus trading but i don't know how to trade short sell in cash market. I am using ICICI for trading. Can u please help it out, when I asked ICICI helpdesk they told it's possible only in Margin plus. So please tell me how to do short sell through ICICI I know about Short sell as I have read about that in TEI.



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I checked out their website ( and I do not think they have that the facility available.

Maybe some other member in this forum will be able to answer this!
Dear Traderji,
Thanks to Traderji & Ksvelusamy for ur reply. can anybody tell me which broker gives the option of short sell in cash market if not ICICI. I am thankful to all who participate in this discussion forum.

Hi ,

Short Selling is a great tool in a falling market.
Many claim it to be too risky.

Sharekhan offers short selling , so does ICICI.

But I was trying to short sell a particular stock in Sharekhan , and it said short selling in this particular group is not allowed.
Quite Unfortunate.

Also I have an account in ICICI Direct ,
there also I am unable to select the stock as it is only listed in the BSE and not NSE and in ICICI the Margin option is selectable only in the NSE selection.

Please advise if short selling can be carried out.
There are few very good oppurtunities existing.



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You can shortsell intraday in most group a stocks or your broker pool stocks. So your broker is the best person to ask.

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