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well ... it was a good pull back from approx 10700 mark ... however, nifty needs to get out of consolidation range of 10700 - 10800 without wasting much time ....


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And there you go .... the moment bulls try to approach closer and closer to 200 DMA .... They are forced to disengage and retreat .... I am being told tomorrow honourable Finance Minister is holding a press conference around 11 AM ... dont know what it is about ... but let's just focus on 200 DMA and the shorts built around this zone .... and the struggle of bulls and bears to overcome each other ..... so, thanks for reading my stuff and visiting my virtual place ... we will meet again tomorrow..... bye


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Good morning ... exciting session today .. Nifty extremely close to make or break session of 10850 - 10900 (where 200 DMA of 10890 lies) ... will bulls reclaim it or will bears be able to stop this rally .... meanwhile, India VIX in mild green territory at present

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