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Purely by chance I bumped into Sharekan knowledge centre and discovered a gold mine. It has interesting articles on everything from Investing and trading to matters like DMAT, Monetary and fiscal policy etc on the market. In laymen terms, financials have been explained in detail. There is a lot for advanced investors and they have explained how to read between the lines in a balance sheet.

I have not had the time to look at the trading stuff but it seems good.

Some people were pissed off when I criticized seminars as a means for imparting knowledge. It somehow trivializes the complexity of the mkt and sharekhan knowledge centre reveals exactly that.If you want to do well, you have to have the right knowledge and the right training-no two ways about it.
Here also there is an article which clearly states that Trading is like war which was also said by Psychiatrist trader, Alexander Elder. A war has to be faught on a war footing which a two day seminar cannot do.

Reminds you of what good old Lallo Prasad yadav, the erstwhile charismatic chief minister of Bihar said when he made Rabri Devi chief minister, " CM hi to banana hai, do din main train kar donga" . Seminars can only result in a lalloo like performance and ultimated downfall.

I applaud sharekhan for living up to its name from a different perspective. It is "sharing"- sharekhan of a different kind here. Bill gates said in his book that knowledge mulitplies by sharing. Hope it is a good learning experience for everybody:-

Click on "Derivatives Digest" on this link on the left under f & o tools. That also is good

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