Shall I send my business and invest in Mutual Funds?

No, that will not go down well. You need to have a backup plan if you do decide to do this. Rather, I suggest you save up some money on the side and invest that if you really want to. Do not risk selling your business and adding all your funds into one asset. It is not the most practical idea.
Such ideas might sound like the only solution as of now. But think about the future (10 or 20 years later). If you think that something like this might work, I think you are going in the wrong direction. You should consider your business as one of your income sources. And stocks can never be your permanent source of income. You can prefer investing in stock to earn some extra.
Even if the business is a mess, you innately know that it is yours, and when the conditions go right, you will start earning again. But in the stock market, there are no guarantees; your income is not fixed either. What would you do without having some source of income that you already have? Ask yourself this question and move on. But trading your business for a risky market is extremely risky, and I think that you should not take such risks.
You can do both! Invest with a little money you have saved for a rainy day if you really want to and you don’t need to give up your business. You don’t suffer loss and get the best of both, don’t you think that is better than plunging into investing without anything to back you up?
I don’t think it’s a good idea to sell your business, rather you could save some money until you are prepared to invest in it. Just be patient and don’t rush into making life altering decisions.
If I was in your place I would just start investing whatever little I can without selling my business. See, you don’t need to put all your wealth in one place. Mutual funds are all about diversification and you should have enough diversification in personal investments as well.
Good that you already changed your plan. We don’t really need to quit our job or sell our company to become an investor in the stock market. It is better to invest with the savings we can set aside in any situation.
You could save some money on the side and maybe invest that in mutual funds or whatever suits your future plans. I hope you make the right choice. Get some professional advice if you need any.
Trading is something you can do alongside your current job or business. You are not required to close your previous hotel. You can trade while also managing your hotel business.
You should consider taking some time to focus on the decision you want to make and its impact today and ten years later. Today matters more than anything else. What you do today will result in your finances tomorrow. Consider a good financial advisor if you are confused.