Sesa Goa

mohanshenoy239 said:
Sesa Goa counter has been seesawing wildly during the last two months. Is it worthwhile getting into it at CMP today?

Hi Mohan,

SESA GOA has had a wonderful run thus far,but in the middle of a pullback now.Not done as yet.......we have a breakaway gap down a few days ago,and a correcting weekly chart.Keep it on your watchlist.......but wait for the correction to be over before an entry.Still some way to go.....

Happy Trading!
I do recall reading an advice in The Economic Times a few weeks ago re. SESA Goa which stated its target over 12 months as 1504. It was from a brokerage house but I am however not sure about its identity. because I did not particularly care for the information.

I am not even sure whether I should have posted it but have done it all the same in the spirit that if one knows something, it must be shared with appropriate caveats added.

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