Self trading or broker??

I would definitely go with Self Trading. Brokers are essential no doubt but again, you do not know which broker would be beneficial for you and we end up losing it all.
To my mind, the best option when it comes to investing is to rely on yourself. You can find a broker and trust this money to this broker or special expert advisors, however, it will have the same effect. I prefer approach to new activities on my own, without any help from the side. It seems to me that it helps my brain to develop and never stop thinking and analysing. I am convinced that constant thinking is considered to be something that the brain was created for. I always try to sort out in new activity in my own. So, I would definitely advise you to do everything on your own as well.


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You can't get access to financial markets and trading without broker's help. As for FX I would advice to try Hotforex, they are licensed by UK FCA which means there is low risk they will cheat of rig quotes somehow to make you lose.
The brokers usually provide all of the tools and resources all in one on the same desk so i guess the preferred trading should be given to a broker in my opinion.
There are pros and cons of both self-trading and using a broker. The main advantage of self-trading is that you have complete control over your trades and can make decisions based on your analysis. However, this also means that you are solely responsible for any losses that you may incur. Using a broker gives you access to professional advice and guidance, which can be helpful if you are new to trading or do not have the time to do your research. However, you will likely have to pay fees for this service, and you may not always agree with the decisions that your broker makes on your behalf.
If you do not want to go for self-trading because of the fear of Risk, then you must use the trading simulator to test and make your strategy; once you are confident with your simulated trades, you can go for the real market.
I would go with a broker, but do EXTENSIVE research before you choose one. That's a large chunk of money, you don't want to lose out because of ridiculous fees or to go with a broker that isn't trustworthy.
The best option is to trade with a broker. It’s hassle free, plus, the brokers who are offering commission free trading like finvasia or mStock have also made it inexpensive.

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