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In the first CNBC investor camp at New Delhi, well known investor Ramesh Dhamani said," One should stick to businesses one knows" which was more or lesss echoing some of Warren buffet's views. He futher elaborated that housewives could concentrate on FMCG and doctors could concentrate on pharmaceuticals because they are bound to know something about the business.

Equitymaster has a very good information on what to look for in different major sectors

Since we are 1500 strong now, there are bound to be people from different backgrounds who can add to what equitymaster has to offer. I am sure it would add a lot of useful knowledge and enable people to know about businesses not affiliated to their own background.

Under fundamental analysis, different sections for different sectors would not be a bad idea. One can also focus on the sectors currently in vogue and discuss companies within a sector. Respected Traderji, kindly look into the possibility.(On the lines of subforums metals and energy under genreral commodity trends;there can be general sectoral trends)

Alternatively, if anybody knows about some other website which provides similar information, I would appreciate very much if they share the info. Quantitative analysis can be easily done by looking at the financials but qualitative analysis was something I thought only a pro could do but such information can prove otherwise. At least one can try.
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plz need help.....

today my broker informed tht i one of my intraday delivery didnt get settled tht being of essar i hv [email protected] ... now for past 3 days its hitting -ve circuit...iam at 7000 rs loss.....not small amount as i am a small time investor....

they r saying its getting delisted,... and someone said might not get listed at all

what shld i do ... i can hold it for a longer time ..thats no issue but only if its worth it..

please senior and learned memebers plz advice as its very very urgent and i hv 2 take a call asap..

please i am very tensed cuz of same can u kindly reply
Dear Nitin,

Plz read yesterday Economictimes paper dated 19 April page no 18. In the stock price section in the left corner you will find that Essar steel is delisted from BSE w.e.f. 25/04/2005

Act accordingly.


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