SEBI's new move to cut retailers participation in F&O!


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Here is the pdf of today's board meeting.
I am yet to read, but posting it here first.

Headstrong bhai is missing. :p



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Here is the pdf of today's board meeting.
I am yet to read, but posting it here first.

Headstrong bhai is missing. :p
Thanks for the pdf.

Posted the good news long ago, in day trading thread :happy: [Got some insider news in advanced]

SEBI meeting completed, no decision taken on networth based exposure, at least on this meeting.
Brokers and Exchanges won this round of battle. :)


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Next possible date for Night Session is JAN 1st. Unless it is deferred again.
More possibility only Index F&O in first phase.


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More insider news: NSE requested to analyse the possible bad liquidity effect due to ASM first. Last phase of implementation date is Nov 30.
After that, in December it's closure to state election time and then loksobha voting. So, this time we may not see it. Then we may get 5 years of peace according ot historical track record of 2008 & 2013 failed attempt.

After very high ASM margin increase, SEBI already cut exposure for all type of traders. Full implementation in process. It is also difficult to take back to back strict actions which can hurt the liquidity very well without analyzing the real effect.

Brokers and Exchanges(specially NSE) together prevent the attempt of net worth-ITR linking today logically and nicely.
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It will be too late if we wait for the actual details to be revealed. We have to build protest quickly.

I was waiting for any broker with large enough client base to file a petition in So that it is easy to large people to sign in that petition. Previously discount brokers filed such petition against STT. But, this time as they may be scared to go against Govt & SEBI's joint plan to attract more tax.

So we have built the protest ourself as quickly as possible.

Following methods can help:-

1. Individual protest.
I have already send 2 Email to Sebi using the following link:-
One in the main office, E-mail : [email protected]
Another copy send to my zonal office using following link:-

2. Individual protest.
SEBI can ignore the electronic email. But, a letter in physical format from lots of investors can give them a headache! So, I request all members to send an individual letter to below office. Fill up the office with lots of papers.

Head Office (HO)
Address :

Plot No.C4-A, 'G' Block
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East),
Mumbai - 400051, Maharashtra
Tel : +91-22-26449000 / 40459000
Fax : +91-22-26449019-22 / 40459019-22
They may ignore our email, so I request to every member to post physical letter, a better option is registry letter.

3. Joint protest using signed petition using

Benefits of having suc2h thread is we already got various angles, valid points, legal points through discussion. Now TJ members who are good in literature make a draft of the petition and post it here.
We will discuss here it and to make it best. Then just put it, we will sign it. We will post the link of the petition in the brokers' thread and tell every trader we know, to attract as many investors as possible. Please, someone, take the initiative.

4. Write individually directly to Govt of India.

Express your concerns also directly as a suggestion to,
Government Of India.
Department Of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances

Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)

5. Make individual protest using, Narendra Modi app.
Express your concern only as an investor or trader. Don't be political (then u'll be ignored easily)
Say u have voted for current Govt. Expect quick action to protect investors and traders. :p This may help.

I have already used 1. 2. & 4 from above. Use as much as possible ways to lodge the protest.
Happy Trading.

hey did you get a reply from option 4? I mean did you get any reply by writing directly to Govt of India?

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