Scalpers have to pay huge taxes

I went to the site: and put in the following details for Equity Intraday:


Inspite of my actual profit being ₹1, after all the charges including brokerage and tax, I am getting net profit of ₹0.33 only.

Now, consider another case:

Inspite of my actual loss being ₹1, after all the charges including brokerage and tax, I am getting net loss of ₹1.69.

This means I will never be able to get the most as a scalper. Does this mean that I should not consider scalping? How do professional scalpers handle such huge charges?
Every professional scalper or anyone who knows the answer may answer this question. Thank You.


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inspite of my actual loss being ₹1, after all the charges including brokerage and tax, I am getting net loss of ₹1.69. yup welcome to Trading world
even if you have loss .. babus transaction cost and sebi cost and stamp duty all those things adds up 10% cost ..
so you win or loose u have to pay 10% in cost (yearly basis figure may vary dependingon trading skill)
In my maths say if loss is 3 lakhs then transcation cost+sebicost+stt+etc = 10% of profit or loss in this case R.s 30000
checkc your P/L statement yearly

you don;t even get 1 min free data from nse
nope not even 5 min free naaa
forget of live streaming lol
and by mistake if u end up in profit you have to pay tax as tax slab always + in addiction to this 10% babus cost

IS there a way around ?
Yes find a broker that charges u less and is reliable .
Here comes discount broker to save your day so pick your broker you want FULL service broker OR discount broker :xD

And change your method . i think reason those babus charge you coz they want you to become swing trader and not Scalpers
Make your trading skill so powerful that you don;t have to worry about taxes and transaction cost .

In that too you can go furthere what we call lo A na layatic lol
Go with broker that don;t charge you brokerage at all lol
eg Finvasia :xD Nobrokerage and is Clearing member himself . No you will say chor hai zero brokerage how .It will get closed etc
then here read this
Sebi gives you protection till 25 lakhs
So why not go with cheapest and strongest in industry ?
i really want someone to prove me wrong ....
give me a good reason why should i pay Rs 20 per trade to even discount broker

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Shhh Even this hulk in Discount broker has hidden fees of R.s 600 per segment yearly but thats nothing to what we pay in R.s 20 walla broker
they charge u like R.s 49 per segment monthly :xD
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bro one will save even this yearly charge of 600 per segment, if one shifts to BEST, their trading terminal
Right na !!!!!


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idk if best has nest pulse... i am with nest as it has nest pulse :xD so cann;t divorce that
and my nest pulse powers amibroker :xd
and i have made habit of saving ledger weekly just in case :xD
I use Best for Finvasia. Underlying product is Nest trader only. Good experience so far. Small trades for scalping. Another advantage is no separate capital for equity and mcx.

For charts and big trades, I use Zerodha Kite.

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