sarda plywood- Multi business sector - A real bull story ahead

more update on the stock. Recommmended at 40/- level . the company is into timber,tea plantation, power sector, retail trade under the same company. the book value is 79.50 and cmp is 57/ - and making sharp upwards movement . the target is three figures immeadiately. the promoters hold a major chunk of equity from 36.40 lacs shares and the paid up cap is 3.64 crs. R/Surplus more than 20crs. Its peers stock are quoting at 775/- century ply and grren ply 400/- . whereas the stock is untouched and could be multibagger stock for immeadiate long term. Grab the stock at cmp 57/- for valued stock.The company is aggresively planning into setting up retails trade showrooms. already launched into its Regd office zone. again Tea is the flavour of the season and infrastructure , power , retail all are positive for the company. At cmp is a good buying prospect for investors with foresight. BUY. BUY and BUY and accumulate at low levels.


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today at u/c 66.45. just grab the stock for higher gains in future
technically...sarda ply gave a buy on 6/12/07 @ 36
todays close..66
its a HOLD as of now..only a close below 35 will alter the bullish outlook...:)

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