Samtel Color and Harrsisons Malayalam

Hi All,

I have been observing these these 2 stocks for a couple of sessions. I bought Harrsisons Malayalam at 80.15 and Samtel Color at 120.5.

I am not sure how to deal with Samtel Color. The stock suddenly shows a minor down-trend closing around a 112 level. Should I average it out if it comes below 105 or should I keep a stoploss and exit?

Harrsisons Malayalam has shown an upward movement today - up by over 2% closing around 88 levels. My target is around 115-120.

Your help and concern on the discussion is always appreciable.
samtel color has broken out of its 5 months consolidation on heavy volumes few days back,and the scrip will have support at 105 levels which may be ur stoploss,but i think it may resume its uptrend after this correction as the pullback was with low volumes
Thats cool!!! Do you think it is safe to re-invest in this share if we find that 105 is truly a support level?

Of course the pullback was on lower volumes but on a day that sensex boosts a 81 odd points(although closing quite less) the script continues to loiter around a 115 level.
Here is some data that may help you in some further analysis.

NSE Quotes NSE Nifty: 1990.85
Last Traded Price 112.4 Last Updated 5/19/05 4:19:08 PM
Open 115.45 Day High 116.35
Prev. Close 113.65 Day Low 111.5
Volume 363270 % Change -2.64
52 Weeks High 109.55 52 Weeks Low 36.3

BSE Quotes BSE Sensex: 6478.94
Last Traded Price 112.6 Last Updated 5/19/05 3:54:42 PM
Open 0 Day High 116.5
Prev. Close 113.1 Day Low 111.5
Volume 109789 % Change
52 Weeks High 109.5 52 Weeks Low 36
Harrisons Malayalam ends today at 103.

I believe it is still a good investment. However the results of Harrisons Malayalam depend highly on the results of Ceat Tyres. I do not know why ceat still remains stagnant while Harrisons Malayalam in limelight?

Can anybody justify that?
If we are speaking about the assets of Harrisons Malayalam - it has 500cr property and coffeee plantations(which are currently running in loses but expected to improve this quarter or the next). However the major portfolio if Harrisons Malayalam comes from Ceat Tyres..then why is ceat tyres not showing an uptrend?

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