Samsung Galaxy Note7 R.I.P.


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The phone has been permanently discontinued by Samsung few days back.

The handset was marred with problems starting from initial days. Units exploding, catching fire, although Samsung did a good job by acknowledging the situation early on. Recalled all the sold units and started issuing replacements in short span of time (too much hurry again?). Now the replacement units has also been diagnosed with the same issues. It seems the problem is inherent to the phone circuitry itself, not just the batteries and samsung does not have much of the clue.

BTW Samsung Chief has also apologized for the failure.

Most probably they wanted to beat iphone 7 , and hurriedly they launched this new product.

Another article offering explanation about explosions. :D

I wish they compensate the users properly.
I am more than happy with Samsung Galaxy J1 mini which I obtained in like 2017 winter, December to be exact. It have costed to me way less than $100 and that's it. I do not realise why people are so mad about this Note things, weren't they too big anyway ?

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