RNRL merger with Rpower good or bad FOR RNRL

hi.....so latest news is that RNRL is gonna be merged with Rpower so is this good news for ppl like me who have about 2500 shares of RNRL @ Rs70 ?

Any idea what will happen to the stock of RNRL nd will share holders of RNRL take further losses or is there any chance of profits.

"trying so hard to get out of this stock, I did nt even avg out since i was afraid if it falls further I am gon"

lesson learned: dont listen to your broker (in my case angel Broking who set a tgt of Rs90 on it) rather listen to ur self.


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News coming out is for every 3 shares held in rnrl ull get 1 share of rel power....

Regarding your lesson learned ill say that would be better because rel power has better targets than rnrl....Surely 200 and even 250 u can see the price within a year

And people who say rel power got at 450 rates...the adjusted price is 279 with bonus...since i too got it and started trading from this stock


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it may fall like a rock in morning rnrl i.e get out with overnight orders guys those who are holding the shares since the deal is at abt 31% discount to current value of stock
my decision to stay away from reliance packs after rnrl merger they will make another merger between rpower and riil both are adag same like RPL & RIL.

any opinion guys?
F****D bad by RNRL.....the guy who told me to buy the stock at angel has switched off his cell nd did nt even cm to office tdy. I would have never bought this speculative stock if it hadn't been fr him as I did nt evn knw RNRL exited until I ended up buying it ( I know its my fault as its my money...but still suxs just makes u realize how alone in this whole stock market game)

btw whn I last spoke to him he said he has got many ppl to buy more thn 10000 shares of rnrl at deliv hoping fr targets of 75-90 also same thing was said by CNBC-tv18 Ashvini Gujral and Anu jain.

End Result: No analyst knows dam abt the markets. Its all ruled and run by forces beyond them.

Exit Strategy

It would be nice now if u guys could point out some sort exit strategy or minimize loss strategy for RNRL share holders.....or what steps to take now...

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