Reports-Lab acts as a companion tool for both Wealth-Lab Developer and Wealth-Lab Pro versions 3.0 and above.

Its main purpose can be described as collecting backtests (results of ChartScript runs and portfolio $imulations) into a database file, which then can be examined at any time, without even having to launch Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro.

Main Features
- Stores the results of ChartScripts runs and portfolio $imulations without having to alter the original script.
- Introduces the 'Floating window' to store the backtests with one mouse click.
- Organizes the backtests in a tree-like fashion.
- Ranks the results of multiple ChartScript runs and portfolio $imulations.
- Works with the backtests as near as makes no difference to Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro.
- Makes comparing different ChartScript code versions real easy.
- Introduces the 'Note' feature for tracking changes in strategy parameters or adding comments.
- Introduces 'Profit Data' pane for keeping Profit curve, Cash, Long/Short and Buy&Hold series in tabular format.
- Exports graph, table and text contents to clipboard and into variable file formats.
- Allows to fully customize the interface: change keyboard shortcuts, reorder or hide panes and more.

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