Religare cheating on brokerage!!!Please help

Hi All,

I took a plan with religare where the brokerage is .025% for intraday, where as they are charging as varying brokerage from 0.025% to even 0.06% ...I am really feeling cheated as they told me that brokerage will be flat 0.025%. Can anyone tell me where I can lodge a complaint..

Also, on 26Jan there was a special trading day. I placed an intraday order at 12.26pm as I did not know that the cut off time was 12.25pm, but even after it was executed and was auto squared off within a second at a lesser price..When I called them and asked them that the order should not have been taken after the cut off time, they said that it may happen that the order was taken because of system error and suggested me not to place the order after cut off time. This is ridiculous as I suffered a loss because of this. But now they have closed the complaint.

Anyone who knows how to take these ppl to justice , please suggest me ...
#5 promised , I got my login details on monday but m not able to login to nse now website with that id and password..and now my id is blocked..Lets see what happens tomm

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