Reliance Mutual Funds - Plz Advise!

Hi everyone!

I am new to this forum, and wish to make some friends...

To begin with, I do need some advice from you all - I have heard that it's good to invest in mutual funds, so I thought maybe in Reliance, but
1. which scheme is better?
2.can you suggest a scheme for children, which would bring good returns like shares?
3. is there any mutual fund scheme which brings profits like shares?

I hope you will help me, a novice here

Thanks a lot
Ive got some very good returns from Reliance Diversified Power scheme and I'd recomend it to anyone .. Monitor it for some days and you can enter it as markets are going downward these days ..

And btw .. Risk is directly propotional to return .. So if you want greater returns, you'll have to invest with better risk management .. Mutual funds which are giving good returns these days are investing money in equity .. and equity is always riskier than debt ..

So my advice : Diversify your investment .. Dont put all your eggs in a basket .. And first chalk out your plans .. Like say one third of your portfolio you are going to invest in high risk high return stocks .. one third in tax saving mutual funds and so on ..
Shahab, thank you.Actually, I haven't invested in any risky venture till now, but am really tempted now watching so many people benefiting out of share market. I would appreciate any further advice from you too.

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