Reliance Demerger


I am planning to buy 25 shares of Reliance Inds.
So after the demerger How many shares will I get for the 4 new companies (
Reliance Capital Ventures, Reliance Communication, Reliance Energy Ventures & Global Fuel Management )kris:confused:

Also is this the correct time to buy Reliance Inds.

Comments and suggestions Please

If You Buy 25 Shares YOU WILL GET 25 In Each Of The Four New Companies.
The Value Of Reliance Is Expected To Fall About 20%. But You Will More Than Make Up When The New Companies Are Listed - Which Might Take Upto 2-3 Months.
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Scheme of Demerger of each reliance equity share held as on the record date of 25.1.2006:-

1)One equity share of Reliance Energy Ventures Limited of the face value of Rs.10/- each

2)One equity share of Global Fuel Management Services Limited of the face value of Rs.5/- each

3)One equity share of Reliance Capital Ventures Limited of the face value of Rs.10/- each

As on the record date shareholder will have 4 shares in four different companies for each reliance share in the present company.

As per NSE notification there will be special reliance trading session on 18.1.2006 for one hour from 8-9 am to discover the post merger price of reliance share on volume weighted average pricing and index will be recalculated based on the price discovery normal trading will resume from 9.55am.

Hope this clarifies some of the points.



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It appears that shares of two newly formed compaies will be mergerd withexisting companies under control of Anil Ambani and there is a board meetins scheduled sometime in Jan2006. Likely swap ratio may be 5shares of reliance energy for 100shares of reliance energy ventures and 7 shares of reliance capital? for 100 shares of reliance capital ventures. Board members can check out this informationasthis is unconfirmed report from various web sites.
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I have RIL, which is through Indiabulls. do I have to ask for these shares or is it automatically added to my portfolio?
kindly advice

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